My Review : 5 Stars for Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison

Imperfect TruthImperfect Truth by Ava Harrison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished reading Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison yesterday and find that I’m having a very difficult time putting into words just how wonderful this book is. When I first came across the teaser I knew that this was a book I had to read. The whole concept of the story was different from anything else I had recently read and for a debut novel I thought it was brilliantly written.
Imperfect Truth is a story about a woman named Ava. She is married to Alexandre a man who doesn’t acknowledge her presence making her feel invisible and very lonely. Her loneliness slowly begins to eat away at her leaving her with a hunger for attention….in walks the handsome Ryder Matthews. Each of her characters were beautifully written making the story itself very relatable to our everyday lives. I was consumed by the raw emotion Ava had experienced. All the anger, love, lust and heartbreak. The last few chapters is what did me in and left me tears. Imperfect Truth is not only a captivating book but a book with a message that I think all women and men alike should read about. Looking forward to reading more of Ava Harrison”s work in the future. Well done!!! I’m giving Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison 5 STARS *****

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