Epilepsy Awareness

Lisa Fulham - Author


Not many people know this, but my sister lives with epilepsy. Growing-up and being sisters we always found something to be mean to each other; she would mock me for my stutter or being a book nerd and I would say mean and cruel things such β€œnext time you have a fit can you do it in the bath and I’ll throw my washing in with you.” Sister can be dicks to each other!

All sisterly mean crap aside though, the fist time I saw my sister have a fit/seizure I was terrified. I had no idea what to do, how to help her or why it was happening.

I can only talk about this from an observers point of view, but a very good friend of mineΒ Rose Marie NewportΒ is championing raising awareness as she lives with this every day.

Take it away Rose.


I was 15 years…

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