Cover Reveal ~ Clean by Mia Kerick


by Mia Kerick

Cover Reveal


 See What Reviewers are saying about CLEAN

“Sigh, young love! Merely saying that I loved this novel will not be enough. I stayed up all night to read it and find out what happens in the end. I love it when I cannot guess the ending. Mia Kerick gave readers a rich text with amazing characters and beautifully written words. As a reader, you cannot ask for anything more! Ten shining stars for a new rising star!” ~ from Rabia Tanveer for Readersโ€™ Favorite

“Mia Kerickโ€™s young adult coming of age romance, Clean, is stunningly beautiful and perfectly paced as the two young men begin their processes of healing and self-discovery. I love this book. There are passages in Clean that are lyrical and beg to be read aloud, especially some of Trevor and Lannyโ€™s later conversations. I didnโ€™t want the story to end and felt a bit bereft when it finally did. Clean is most highly recommended.” ~ 5 Stars from Jack Magnus for Readersโ€™ Favorite

“A compelling read, Clean adds Kerick to the likes of writers who challenge us to find the hidden humanity in others. It’s a positive novel to help young adults and teenagers often ignored in the journey we all share together through the obstacles of life.” Recommended from Dylan Ward by the US Review
ยธ.โ€ขยดยธ.โ€ข*ยดยจ) ยธ.โ€ข*ยจ)

(ยธ.โ€ขยด (ยธ.โ€ข`Award winning author Mia Kerick is bringing us an edgy gay romance for all to read!

Release Date 12.1.15

High school senior Lanny Keating has it all. A three-sport athlete at Lauserville High School looking at a college football scholarship, with a supportive family, stellar grades, boy band good looksโ€ฆ until the fateful day when it all falls apart.


Seventeen-year-old Trevor Ladd has always been a publicly declared zero and the high school bad-boy. Abandoned by his mother and sexually abused by his legal guardian, Trevor sets his sights on mere survival.


Lanny seeks out Trevorโ€™s companionship to avoid his shattered home life. Unwilling to share their personal experiences of pain, the boys explore ways to escape, leading them into sexual experimentation, and the abuse of illegal drugs and alcohol. Their mutual suffering creates a lasting bond of friendship and love.


When the time finally comes to get clean and sober, or flunk out of high school, only one of the boys will graduate, while the other spirals downward into addiction.


Will Lanny and Trevor find the strength to battle their demons of mind-altering substances as well as emotional vulnerability?


Clean takes the reader on a gritty trip into the real and raw world of teenage substance abuse.







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