99 cents Sale!!! ย Hurt You by Abby McCarthy

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 All Antonio did was hurt her. 

All he did was give her hell. 

He took away everything good in her world. 

Everything that ever mattered. 
Jenny is used to putting on a brave facade, letting the outside world see her as wild and free. She is loyal and loves with her whole heart, loving others so much that she is willing to sacrifice herself in the process. 
Jules was only supposed to be a diversion for Jenny. Fun times with no strings attached. She didn’t intend to fall for Jules, a member of The Devilโ€™s Crusaderโ€™s Motorcycle Club. But fall for him is exactly what she did. 
Antonio has been wreaking havoc on her life since Jenny was sixteen years old. Now she is forced to marry Antonio to keep her loved ones safe, destroying the man she loves in the process and driving him away. 
Riding back into town after years away, Jules discovers the woman he once loved no longer exists, and itโ€™s up to him to see if he can bring her back. 
NOTE TO READER: This book contains strong sexual scenes and violence against women. Jenny curses so if you can’t stand the “f” bomb then avoid this one. This is book 3, however, each book in the series can be read as a stand alone.

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