Release Day : Sapphire By Taylor Lee

by Taylor Lee
Series: Ladies of the Night Sexy Suspense Collection, Book One
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 15, 2015

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Sapphire is the first book in Taylor Leeโ€™s provocative new series, Ladies of the Night. The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization.  Highly trained fighters, theyโ€™re as gorgeous as they are dangerous to the evil men theyโ€™re hired to bring to justice. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is โ€œladies.โ€

Gabriella Shaw, Code Name: Sapphire, is hired to seduce and capture the leader of a lucrative international human trafficking enterprise. The epitome of the mastermindโ€™s targeted women, Sapphire is the consummate bait.  Unfortunately for the evil man, Sapphire is as deadly as she is beautiful.  Paired with former Col. Jase Malone, the two agents enter the Caligula Club to trap their prey. The club is the salacious playground for the rich, famous and deviant, and the conduit to the human trafficking horror.  The only thing more challenging than the mastermind to the fiercely independent Sapphire is her commanding partner. The sparks fly as Sapphire and Malone fight to capture the criminally insane mastermind while their fierce personal attraction threatens to bring them bothโ€”and the missionโ€”crashing down.

USA Today Best Selling author Taylor Lee writes Suspenseful Mystery Thrillers โ€“ with a heavy dose of Sexy to Sizzling HOT Romance.

In the less than four years that she has been writing, Taylor has written more than thirty books.  Her six, soon to be seven, series track her Special Operatives, Covert Agents, Cops, Firefighters and other iconic heroes and heroines, through the harrowing situations that make up their lives. From human trafficking rings to corrupt politicians, Taylor investigates the underbelly of society and the criminals who flourish there.

Taylor says: โ€œFrom the residue in my personal blender of mixed races, cultures and world views, my characters emerge. It comforts me to know that while evil slinks in the shadows, the โ€œgood guysโ€ of the world sniff it out โ€“ and snuff it out.

My characters are arrogant alpha males and the feisty women who bring them to their knees โ€“ and vice versaโ€ฆ They fight hard, love hard and donโ€™t mince words. They are dangerous men and women in dangerous times. Love, passion and ridding the world of evil? Whatโ€™s not to like?โ€

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