It’s Almost Here Everyone!!!

β˜…βœ°Taming My Prince Charming Teaser- One Day to Goβœ°β˜…

Taming My Prince Charming is out on August 5th!

When Lola met Xavier, Prince of Romerius, she was immediately attracted to
his dark, handsome good looks and sparkling green eyes. She spent a
whirlwind weekend with him and almost fell for his charm, until he
humiliated her and she fled.

Lola wasn’t prepared to find out that Xavier was her new professor and her
new boss. She also wasn’t prepared for the sparks that flew every time they
were together. When Xavier takes her on a work trip, she is shocked when
they are mobbed by the paparazzi and agrees to go to Romerius with Xavier
to pretend she is his fiancΓ©.

Only Lola had no idea that Xavier had a master plan from the moment he met
her. He wanted a week to make her his, so that he could get her out of his
system. Only Xavier had no idea that fate had another plan for him.

Finding My Prince Charming is available now:

Taming My Prince Charming, out August 5th:


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