Cover Reveal : Love So Hot by Marquita Valentine

Marquita Valentine has a new series coming in early 2015! Meet the Brody Lawson in Love So Hot!
Title: Love So Hot (Lawsons #1)
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 2015
Cover Designer: Lindee Robinson Photography
Book Description:

Bank Teller and all around good girl, Sydney McKnight, is tired of being the girl all the guys want to have as a friend. Who better to help unleash her inner vixen than her best friend and secret crush, Brody Lawson? Only, Sydney has no idea how to ask him, without their friendship going up in flames, until that is, the town of Jessamine’s annual Firemen’s Auction gives her the perfect excuse to set her plan into motion.

Fire Captain Brody Lawson has been in love with his best friend, Sydney, for years, but he would never risk their friendship by confessing his feelings to her. So, when Sydney beats out the competition to buy his time at the annual Firemen’s Auction, Brody can hardly believe his luck until she asks him to teach her how to seduce a fellow fireman.

Now, it’s up to Brody to show Sydney how perfect she already is and convince her that they only man for her is him, because if Sydney is going to seduce any man, it’s going to be him. And once he has her in his bed, he’s not letting her go.

Sydney looked away, unable to withstand Brody’s blue gaze. Her heart pounded in her chest so hard that it actually hurt. “Obviously, I bid on the wrong guy.”
He gently lifted her chin. “I said I was shocked, not disappointed.”
“Shocked and disappointed aren’t too far off from each other.”
He gave her an amused look as he let her go. “Really?”
She nodded, becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute. What had she been thinking? Oh right, the three Strawberry daiquiris had thought for her. “Yeah, like when you drink milk while expecting a soda. It’s disgusting.”
Instead of answering her, he dusted his thumb across her bottom lip. Her breath hitched. He dipped his head and she shrunk back a little, but he grabbed her chin again. She couldn’t even close her eyes as his lips softly pressed against hers, as he teased the seam of her mouth and sucked in her top lip.
Fire raced through her, all the way to her toes, making them curl in her too-tight heels. All she could think was that Brody was kissing her. Kissing her, Sydney McKnight.
Sweet Lord.
Brody Lawson was kissing her in front of everyone who might or might not be driving by the local VFW. Wouldn’t they be shocked?
Pulling away, Brody searched her face, his sexy lips wet from kissing her. She wanted to kiss him again, to learn more about what he liked, how he tasted, and if she could make his knees weak.
She blinked up at him, slowly, taking in his confident smile. “What was that for?”
He laughed low in his throat. “Sweetheart, you look mighty shocked right now. Or is that disappointed?”
Sydney felt neither. She felt… hot and bothered and all the things she assumed kissing him would do to her. It was now or never. 
He rubbed his jaw. “It can’t be either of those, because you were begging to be kissed and I have never left a woman disappointed in her life.”
Aggravation rose inside of her, more powerful than the temporary insanity of lust she’d just experienced. There was no way she could admit her feelings for him, not now. Maybe not ever. While she thought their kiss had been all fireworks and super novas, he was just being himself–that side of him she didn’t always care for, because it was so dang cocky… and never directed at her. No one ever tried to seduce her, because in the town of Jessamine, Sydney McKnight would always be considered the girl everyone wanted as a friend. Including the men. Especially the men.
“That’s really good to know, because I need an expert like you to teach me.”
His brows drew together in obvious confusion. “Teach you to do what?”
“To seduce a man.”
 About the author:
New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She’s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good manβ€”and if that doesn’t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

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Release Day Blitz : My Fair Duchess by Julie Johnstone



After years of playing the rake to hide a dark family secret, the Duke of
Aversley feels tainted beyond redemption and cynical beyond repair. Never
does he imagine hope will come in the form of a quirky, quick-witted lady
determined to win the heart of another gentleman.

Thanks to a painfully awkward past, Lady Amelia De Vere long ago
relinquished the notion she was a flower that had yet to blossom. But when
her family faces financial ruin and the man she has always loved is on the
verge of marrying another, she’ll try anything to transform herself to
capture her childhood love and save her family―including agreeing to
participate in a bet between her brother and the notorious, dangerously
handsome Duke Of Aversley.

Bound by the bet, Amelia and Aversley discover unexpected understanding and
passion beyond their wildest dreams, if only they can let go of their
pride, put trust in each other and chance losing their hearts.
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Colin rose, walked over to Amelia and grasped her by the elbow to lead her
to the looking glass. β€œYou do not properly see yourself, Amelia,” he said
staring at her.

She furrowed her brow. β€œI see perfectly fine and what I see is tall, gangly
and graceless.

He wanted to run the pad of his thumb over her skin and remove the lines of
worry. Instead, he took a deep breath and continued. β€œThe color of the gown
does not make you beautiful nor in truth the opulence of the material. It
is correct both can enhance beauty, but unless beauty is there it cannot be
revealed.” He gripped her shoulders and turned her until she faced the
looking glass. ”You already possess beauty. It’s here.” He brushed his
finger down the silken skin near her shining eyes. β€œReal joy comes from
your eyes. I also see beauty here.” He ran a finger perilously close to her
full lips. β€œWhen you smile it’s genuine.” The tremor that coursed through
her made him want to spin her around, tilt her head back and claim her
delectable mouth for a kiss that would make her forget who the devil
Worthington was. The problem was the kiss might make him forget who the
devil he was.

Appalled at the desire she inspired in him, he forced himself under
control, inch by painful inch, until the detachment that had always been a
part of his life when it came to women descended over him like a fog
blanketing the countryside. He forced his fingers to release her arms and
break the contact that made him feel tethered to this woman who was
supposed to mean nothing to him. Yet words that needed to be spoken still
burned his throat. β€œNever forget that a dress cannot make you beautiful,
because you are already heartbreakingly so.”

*Author Bio*

Julie Johnstone is a best-selling author of Regency Romance and the author
of a new urban fantasy/paranormal romance book. She’s been a voracious
reader of books since she was a young girl. Her mother would tell you that
as a child Julie had a rich fantasy life made up of many different make
believe friends. As an adult, Julie is one of the lucky few who can say she
is living the dream by working with her passion of creating worlds from her
imagination. When Julie is not writing she is chasing her two precocious
children around, cooking, reading or exercising. Julie loves to hear from
her readers. You can send her an email at or
find her at, or on Facebook at
authorjuliejohnstone and juliejohnstoneauthor or at twitter @juliejohnstone


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Even Nick Falcon.

Nick's been the biggest rock star on both sides of the pond for a decade. The spoiled British singer is beyond jaded and used to getting what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants it. But when Sabrina takes him on as a client, he finally meets his match. She arouses his senses beyond belief while butting heads with him on every detail. He can't tell if he wants to kiss her or kill her, or both. Nick finds the perfect revenge by forcing her to come along on his world tour. The label wouldn't want to lose their golden boy as a client after all.

Sabrina is whisked away into the glittering but gritty world of concert halls and five star hotels. Can she hold onto her heart when Nick shows her the real him?

Sometimes a dare can go too far…

As a veterinarian an exclusive Beverly Hills animal hospital, Jessica isn't easily impressed. She deals with famous faces every day. But she can't resist the chance of seeing her favorite band live at the Hollywood Bowl. When her friends from work dare her to go to the stage door before the show, she takes the dare, despite her misgivings.

Kendall Jackson is jaded. A super star since his boy band phase, he's now one of the premier rock stars in the world. He's seen it all. But when the tiny, young beauty nearly gets trampled outside his concert, his natural sense of chivalry takes over. He decides to give his young fan the night of her life by letting her back stage. Little does he know, she's not as young and innocent as he thinks she is. When she takes him up on his offer, he's in for the night of his life.
Sometimes love can give you a second chance…

Bruce Harrison isn't just a Rock Star, he's the Rock Star. The ultimate bad boy rocker, he's since grown up and cleaned up his act. He's given up partying and loose women. His health is great and he has more money that he could spend in twenty lifetimes. The trouble is, he's never been less satisfied.

Katrina Henley has a secret. She's running from a less than perfect past and she has responsibilities to fulfill that would overwhelm a lesser woman. But the talented beauty is no pushover when it comes to men. So when the legendary Bruce Harrison offers her a job, she makes it clear that he's getting her voice and that's it.

Bruce isn't easy to dissuade though. He wants Katrina more than anything he's wanted in his life and he's determined to persuade the sultry singer to give him a chance. Even if he wins her love, will he be able to accept her secret and everything it entails?